11 January 2019

CyberSecurity Trends in 2019

by Omar Benbouazza


During the next year we will see a natural increase in the automation of attacks against companies and homes using artificial intelligence to facilitate the work of cybercriminals, and also multiply the targets to attack.

On one hand, the increase of instances hosted in the cloud with a poor configuration makes it very attractive and simple for criminals to design attacks to extract data and be able to negotiate or extort the companies attacked.

The infection by ransomware, the spread of viruses or even the elimination and propagation of documents outside our network, will be part of the process that tells us that the company is being subjected to a massive attack. That is why it is so important to have updated monitoring tools with enough active agents for early detection, as well as having Threat Intelligence tools that allow us to detect if part of our sensitive information is circulating on the internet looking for the best bidder.

Likewise, the unstoppable rise of IoT devices at home without enough security maturity will continue to make them easily exploitable and their users completely vulnerable. The detection of suspicious activities is not always easy, but it is recommended to configure and change the default passwords and disable the UPnP protocol of the router that would allow all our domestic devices to connect to the outside without our consent.

The developers should strive to establish and implement a real process of “Security by Design”, which will remain the main way to acquire sufficient maturity in security issues.

tags: analysis - trends - cyber