15 January 2020

CyberSecurity Trends in 2020

by Omar Benbouazza


Due to the huge geopolitical movement of the last few months with important actors on the scene, the year 2020 can be expected to manifestly reach a direct cyber confrontation to measure forces in the face of a hypothetical cyberwar.

We will see numerous critical infrastructures being a direct objective, since they are the most important facilities in a country, but other companies of sufficient importance may also be affected.

Those responsibles should reasonably manage resources not only on the purpose of cybersecurity teams to repel attacks, but to maintain constant protection and monitoring using Thread Intelligence tools as well as simulating attacks.

In the times of the “Cloud”, “Docker” and “Kubernetes” we must make every effort to minimize the exposed surface and work closely with development teams so that all applications that go into production have been previously verified in terms of security.

On the other hand, and due to the sophistication of the new attacks, I consider that this year will be a good time to move away from putting pressure on “awareness” and we, as cybersecurity professionals, to establish sufficient mechanisms to transparently protect companies and users. All this in a fair balance.

tags: analysis - trends - cyber